NWL Heavyweight Championship

NWL Heavyweight Championship
Promotion National Wrestling League
Date established 1989
Current champion(s) Todd Hill
Date won January 26, 2008

The NWL Heavyweight Championship is the top professional wrestling title in the National Wrestling League promotion. It was created on March 3, 1989, when John Rambo defeated "Russian" Ivan Koloff in Elk Garden, West Virginia. The title is defended primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast, most often in Hagerstown, Maryland, but also as far west as Ohio. In October 1991, the title changed twice during a tour of Guam when Cactus Jack defeated John Rambo to win the first singles title of his career.[1] On October 23, 1991, John Rambo regained the title from Cactus Jack in front of 15,000 fans at the University of Guam Athletic Complex.[2]

Many former champions include ex-World Wrestling Federation veterans such as The Iron Sheik, The Patriot, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Headshrinker Samu[1] and Gangrel. Independent wrestlers Corporal Punishment and Morgus the Maniac have also held the title. There are 21 recognized known champions with a total of 38 title reigns.[2][3]

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
John Rambo 1 March 3, 1989 Elk Garden, West Virginia Defeated "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff to become first champion.[1][2][3]
The Iron Sheik 1 1990 Virginia [2]
John Rambo 2 1990 Virginia [2]
Cactus Jack 1 October 22, 1991 Guam [1][2][3]
The title is vacated by NWL President Dick Caricofe due to a match technicality. A rematch is sanctioned for the following day between Cactus Jack and John Rambo at the University of Guam Athletic Complex.
John Rambo 3 October 23, 1991 Guam [1][3]
The title is vacated by John Rambo.[1][2][3]
Neil Superior 1 November 1991 Guam Defeated Helmut Hesler to win vacant title.[1][2][3]
Superior briefly lost the title in a November 1995 match against Shane Shadows in Clear Spring, Maryland, however the referee's decision was reversed when it was discovered that Shadows' had used his feet on the ropes to pin Superior. The title is eventually vacated following Superior's death on August 23, 1996.[1][2][3]
John Rambo 4 1997 Hagerstown, Maryland Defeated Bob Starr for vacant title.[1][2][3]
Gutterboy 1 April 22, 1999 Waynesboro, Pennsylvania [1][2][3]
John Rambo 5 May 13, 1999 Hagerstown, Maryland [1][2][3]
The title is vacated on December 13, 2000, when John Rambo surrendered the championship so it could be awarded to the NWL Wrestler of the Year at the end of the month.[1][2][3]
Spazman Anthony 1 December 29, 2000 Hagerstown, Maryland Awarded vacant title after being named NWL Wrestler of the Year.[1][2][3]
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka 1 February 1, 2001 Frederick, Maryland [1][2][3]
Spazman Anthony 2 May 29, 2001 Cumberland, Maryland [1][2][3]
John Rambo 6 June 26, 2001 Hagerstown, Maryland [1][2][3]
Spazman Anthony 3 January 15, 2002 Won title in special 6-man match.[1][2][3]
John Rambo 7 April 20, 2002 Bainbridge Township, Ohio [1][2][3]
Jake "The Machine" Davis 1 January 11, 2003 Martinsburg, West Virginia [1][2][3]
Headshrinker Samu 1 February 8, 2003 Greencastle, Pennsylvania Won title in a "Special Stipulations" 6-man tag team match.[1][2][3]
Corporal Punishment 1 April 12, 2003 Keyser, West Virginia Match held at Potomac State College.[2]
Headshrinker Samu 2 April 26, 2003 Martinsburg, West Virginia Match held at the Apollo Civic Theater.[2]
Aidean 1 May 24, 2003 Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania [1][2][3]
Morgus the Maniac 1 July 19, 2003 Martinsburg, West Virginia [1][2][3]
Leslie Leatherman 1 November 1, 2003 Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania [1][2][3]
The Patriot 1 January 23, 2004 Newville, Pennsylvania [1][2][3]
Leslie Leatherman 2 January 24, 2004 Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania [1][2][3]
Headshrinker Samu 3 February 14, 2004 Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania [1][2][3]
Leslie Leatherman 3 May 8, 2004 Hagerstown, Maryland [1][2][3]
Headshrinker Samu 4 June 18, 2004 Martinsburg, West Virginia Wins title but vacates it immediately after because he would not be able to make the next title defense in Newville, Pennsylvania on June 26. The title is put up in a 10-man Royal Rumble at the event.[1][2][3]
Pirate of the Caribbean 1 June 26, 2004 Newville, Pennsylvania Won the vacant title in a 10-man battle royal.[1][2][3]
Dorian Devile 1 July 3, 2004 Hagerstown, Maryland [1][2][3]
OGB 1 July 8, 2004 Won the title by forfeit when Devile failed to show up.[1][2][3]
Super Destroyer 1 July 17, 2004 Martinsburg, West Virginia [1][2][3]
Snatch Haggis 1 September 18, 2004 Martinsburg, West Virginia Won title via forfeit when Super Destroyer failed to show up.[1][2][3]
The title is vacated on October 7, 2004.[1][2][3]
Headshrinker Samu 5 October 9, 2004 Defeated Gutterboy, John Rambo, and Carnage in a four way dance to win the vacant title.[1][2][3]
Genesis 1 March 19, 2005 Newville, Pennsylvania Defeated Headshrinker Samu and Kage in a triple threat match.[2][3]
Jason Static 1 May 21, 2005 Newville, Pennsylvania Won title by forfeit when Genesis was unable to compete due to injury.[2][3]
Gutterboy 2 August 13, 2005 Newville, Pennsylvania Defeated Jason Static, John Rambo and Nikita Annilov in a 4-Way Dance.[2][3]
John Rambo 8 December 17, 2005 Martinsburg, West Virginia [2][3]
Gutterboy 3 May 20, 2006 Newville, Pennsylvania Defeated John Rambo, Asian Sinsation and Ryot in a 4-Way Dance.[2][3]
Leslie Leatherman 4 March 31, 2007 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Defeated Gutterboy, Professor Egon Ecton and LT in a 4-Way Dance elimination match.[2][3]
Gangrel 1 May 25, 2007 Hagerstown, Maryland Match held at South Hagerstown High School.[2][3]
The title is vacated on June 4, 2007, when Gangrel announced he would not be able to appear for the next scheduled title defense in Cambridge, Maryland at the end of the month.[2][3]
Headshrinker Samu 6 June 30, 2007 Cambridge, Maryland Pinned Leslie Leatherman in a singles match to win the title.[2][3]
The title is vacated in January 2008.[2][3]
Todd Hill 1 January 26, 2008 Hagerstown, Maryland Won title in a battle royal.[2][3]


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